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I have spent over thirty years in the graphic design and advertising industry as a creative director. I have been the AD on photo shoots for all sorts of large and small clients involving food, people and products for advertising.

I grew up in Atlanta, GA in a creative family and have been making photographs most all of my life. It started with old compact cameras, polaroids and then while in art school, my first SLR. I made many images with that trusty Minolta for many years.

As I spent time directing more commercial shoots, I learned all sorts of techniques and tips from many fine photographers and began to apply them to my own photography. Around that time I got my first digital camera, a Canon Powershot Pro 70. It was a revolution and I loved it! No more waiting on the slides to come back and I could post process them in Photoshop.

Several Canon digital cameras later and we come to today. Now, I spend a small portion of my time shooting images for commercial clients on location but mostly just making photographs to feed my passion. I enjoy getting up before dawn and traveling the backroads, scouting new locations and working on my craft and vision. My newest addition has been a Fujifilm X100S, and Fuji X-T! which I enjoy both very much.